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All-in-One Distillation and Solvent Recovery System


Ecotech’s most popular dry cleaning machine. Features two tanks, each with a true 50lbs load capacity. Engineered with sustainability in mind, the 257 is equipped with energy efficient wash and dry cycles. Its sleek design and compact configuration means it’s small enough to fit in smaller spaces.

For hydrocarbon based solvents. Perchloroethylene free.



A High Quality and Environmentally

Friendly Dry cleaning Machine

Ecotech’s industrial and commercial grade dry cleaning machines are designed to be ecofriendly, efficient, and reliable. Engineered purely for nonhazardous, environmentally-friendly hydrocarbon based solvents, our machines follow all federal and state regulations. With further optimizations like RPM control and specialized cycles, the 357 is designed to be energy efficient. Our machines offer 10-20% in energy reduction through faster drying times.

Compatible with hydrocarbon solvents like:

-Green Earth
-and more


-Closed-loop solvent distillation and recovery system
-Wet and dry functionalities
-No filters needed
-Optimized cycles like Heavy Load, Heavy Garment, Fabric Softening Cycles
-RPM customization
-Patented soft mount
-User-friendly digital display
-and more!


If you have any further questions or need any more information about our machines or hydrocarbon solvents, feel free to contact us!



Dimensions WHD-257 (Inches/MM)
Height 88.9 / 2,258
Width 60.0 / 1,524
Depth Possibility 73.4 / 1,864
Height Without Fan 80.0 / 2,032
Capacity 2 Tank 50 lbs



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