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Patented Soft Mount

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High drum speed, no problem!

Our patented drum-mount technology is designed to absorb shock and protect your machines.

Keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently

Ecotech’s patented soft-mount system is designed to efficiently absorb shock, allowing for higher RPM velocities and more stability within your machines. With this balance of features, Ecotech’s machines can operate at higher specs than other industrial dry cleaning machinery.

  • Patented soft-mount system
  • Efficient solvent distillation
  • Anti-bacterial design
  • Faster drying times
  • No need for expensive filters
  • Advanced touch screen control panel
  • Optional cooling systems
No. 1 Dry Cleaning Solution in America

The Ecotech is a complete and comprehensive dry cleaning system made specifically for busy dry cleaners. This solution lowers your labor, provides easier delivery of solvent, raises your profit, uses less water and electricity which also saves you money.  The Ecotech is built tough to cope up with the rigorous demands of the industry and it is backed by National Waste Clean, the largest environmental service company in America--making this system one of the most reliable available today.

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