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Solvent Distillation System

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All In One Solvent Distillation and Recovery System

Our close-loop solvent system purifies solvents of lint, dirt and other contaminants while preserving it for reuse.

How our solvent system works

Ecotech’s machines all feature a double solvent distillation system that purifies your cycles for twice the clean without the need for filters. Using high pressure and heat, the solvent is separated from contaminants like color, lint and dirt for efficient reuse.

This close-loop system:

  • Increases solvent efficiency and lowers consumption costs
  • Doesn't require expensive filters
  • Keeps solvents contained in the system and out of the environment
  • Avoids bacterial and other microorganism contamination
  • Hardly requires tank cleaning after usage
  • Quick ten minute or less cleanup after use
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Less than 10 minute cleaning after usage!
Prevent bacteria occurrence

When draining with the Cooking Tank to replace the filter or drain with the Cooking Tank to clean the disk filter, over-boiling occurs due to the moisture accumulated in the filter or disk filter and re- contaminates, so this may also cause bacteria. can

The best way to prevent the occurrence of bacteria is to replace the filter or clean the disk filter at an appropriate time while using a soap with an anti-bacterial agent or an anti-bacterial agent. Since Ecotech Machine uses a new filtering system and Every Load Cooking, a clean solvent is always prepared, so there is no need for a regular filter. Also, since waste is always collected in the cooking tank, you can throw it in the waste container when cleaning the cooking tank.

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