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RPM Control System

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Enhance your cleaning power with RPM adjustments

Customize your machines' drum speed (RPM) for superior cleaning performance, ensuring energy efficiency and smoother cycles.

More control = more efficient

Ecotech’s advanced wash RPM control system allows you to extend dryer cycles and increase cleaning power for faster turnaround time, lower operating costs, and happier customers.

  • Soft-Mount System
  • Efficient Distillation
  • Anti-Bacterial Design
  • Superb Cleaning Ability
  • Fast Drying Time
  • No Expensive Filters to Buy or Dispose of!
  • Advanced Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Optional cooling systems
Get Better clean and a more sustainable service to the environment.

Ecotech dry cleaning equipment is the perfect choice for professional cleaners looking for durability, reliability and consistency in a dry cleaning machine. Low energy requirements, superior cleaning performance and sustainable cleaning are the basis of all Ecotech equipment.

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