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Explore our eco-friendly industrial dry,
cleaning equipment

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Meet our WHD-357 dry cleaning machine. 3 tanks.
70lbs per load.

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More than 26 Years of Experience

Ecotech has proudly provided durable, professional dry cleaning machinery for more than 26 years. With clients all across the nation, we’re positioned as industry experts, here to address all of your commercial dry cleaning needs.

  • First machine to be FDNY approved to be used in cities
  • NY State approved
  • DEC approved
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    A Greener, Cleaner Way to Dry Clean

    Ecotech is dedicated to a cleaner clean. Our machines are designed to be efficient and eco-friendly, all without compromising on quality and performance. Our industrial dry cleaning machinery features:
  • Energy-efficient load capacities
  • Economical solvent purification system
  • Sustainable, hydrocarbon-based solvents
  • NO Perchloroethylene
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    Dry Cleaning Machinery

    The Ecotech WHD-257 is designed to meet the most stringent of dry cleaning requirements.


    The Ecotech DRY CLEANER has high intensity energy-efficiency and 3 tank of 70lb each.


    years of
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    Industry leading experts in commercial dry cleaning

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    Ecotech's commercial and industrial dry cleaning machines are state of the art systems designed for maximum efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. Our ecofriendly machines offer energy efficient features designed to save your operations money and time. For businesses in need of heavy duty commercial dry cleaning equipment- look no further than Ecotech.

    • High Energy Efficiency
    • Simple Programming and Maintenance
    • Innovative Rotation Cleaning Technology
    • Advanced Distillation Technology
    Quality Machines
    Advanced Technology

    Ready to upgrade to more energy efficient, sustainable, dependable machines? Call us today!

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