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Heavy Garment Cycle

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The Smartest Way to Clean Your Heavy Garments

While heavier clothing like parkas often take extra time to dry, our expertly designed cycles ensure a deep clean and faster dry times.

Get freshly scented clothes free from solvent stains

Ecotech’s state-of-the-art dry cleaning system handles heavy garments and thick items with ease. With higher velocity RPMs and optimized features, this specialized cycle makes sure your items are properly dried at the end of their cycle, regardless of thickness or material.

Our Machines also Feature 

  • Patented soft-mount system
  • Efficient solvent distillation
  • Anti-bacterial design
  • Faster drying times
  • No need for expensive filters
  • Advanced touch screen control panel
  • Optional cooling systems
Keep Clothes Clean and the Planet Green.

We invented a more efficient way to dry clean clothes that results in cleaner, fresher clothes with longer lasting quality. Our machines are the only ones in the industry using proven, reusable filtration bags and the only ones designed to completely capture solvent fumes and recycle them back into the cleaning process in order to create maximum usage.

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