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Cooling System

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An Environmentally Friendly, High Performance Cooling System

Ecotech's machines feature innovations designed to reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.

Flexible and effective

Ecotech’s cooling system uses compressors to save you energy and water on every cycle. Our innovative system dries and cools down efficiently using a chiller, cooling tower, or City Water.

Our machines also feature:

  • Patented soft-mount system
  • Efficient solvent distillation
  • Anti-bacterial design
  • Faster drying times
  • No need for expensive filters
  • Advanced touch screen control panel
  • Optional cooling systems
Improving your business from day zero

Our dry was system Is Changing The Way We Do Business: If you’re a dry cleaner, you have to be prepared to talk to your customers about lint and odor issues. Do you know why? Because the traditional dry cleaning machines cause this issue. Our method of cleaning is rapidly changing the way we do business. This system is new technology that has a significant impact on our clients across multiple industries.

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